25TH Anniversary Party for Sharon & Nat
& American Made

at Virgin River, Mesquite, NV
May 6, 2009
for fans only

It was Sharon & Nat's 25th wedding anniversary on May 6, as well as the 25th anniversary of American Made, which began in May 1984!
We showed up to play like any other night, and the first thing we saw was the wonderful new banner
pictured below,
given to us by our many friends at the Virgin River!

The room was packed with people, and we played our first set, but we were totally unprepared for what happened next--
there was a beautiful cake, balloons, cards, gifts, and then "Remember When" began to play, and we danced together
for the  FIRST time at the Virgin River! We were totally surprised by the party, and it was too much fun!

We want to thank everyone who showed up on a Wednesday night to join in the festivities, including Jerry & Jeff, 
who succeeded in keeping it a secret from us! Most of all, special thanks to Debbie Sylvain, who planned the
whole event, gave out invitations, took pictures of everyone to put in the scrapbook she made, collected for the banner,
 ordered the delicious cake, and brought it all together without a hitch!!

Here are some pics Debbie took--enjoy!
(There were many others at the party, but we don't have pictures of everyone--sorry)
Thanks also to our friends who couldn't make it that night--we are grateful for your support all these years!